tissot navigator 3000

Swiss watchmaker Tissot lately declared a different person in their Tactile line: the Navigator 3000. It has appeared as a blurry image close to a "coming soon" teaser on their website for quite a while, but now the image is eventually clear, plus some specs and images were released. Before I get in the facts of the Navigator, I'd like to mention a couple things about Tissot Tactile watches in general. To begin with, I happen to be wearing a TTouch on on my wrist right now (thorough review upcoming), and I … [Read More...]

swatch paparazzi

The Swatch Paparazzi is a welcome and refreshing improvement to the current line of MSN Direct watches. It's not that the present versions from Suunto, Fossil and Tissot are lacking -- in fact, I believe they range from great (Fossil) to better (Suunto) to amazing (Tissot) -- but the Swatch Paparazzi brings a and more urban feel to a line of watches which thus far tend to be linked with, at best, business men, but more usually, geeks. Plus, Swatch have been put by the Paparazzi back on my radar display from … [Read More...]

fossil wrist pda redux

Hopefully Fossil is serious this time about their new Wrist PDA: a complete Palm OS (4.1) constructed right into a wristwatch. Actually, I'm sure they were rather serious the first-time they pronounced the Wrist PDA and took "Best of COMDEX" in the cellular apparatuses group almost two years, even though it looks situation conspired against Fossil, along with the watch vanished from their website as abruptly as it had seemed. I consider Amazon had even began taking preorders, though presumably, everyone's cash … [Read More...]

nike hrm triax inspire

The Nike HRM Triax Inspire is an easy and solid watch that pretty much does one thing, and does it good. Even though it's furnished with fundamental variations of your typical sports watch attributes, it's primary goal -- with assistance from the enclosed chest transmitter -- is to optimize your fitness regimen by letting you maintain your heart rate directly in a predefined zone. Top features of the Nike Triax Inspire contain: Heart rate tracking. Determine what type of workout you need, configure … [Read More...]

pulsar calculator watch

I came across this timeless while another day doing some shopping on eBay. After 18 bids, it ended up going for $1,125 -- not bad for a to get-year old timepiece. Even though the watch 's almost as old as I am, I had been truly able enough to dig up some pretty fascinating facts with this relic from an age of substantially stronger arms. This watch initially sold for $395 ($495 for the 14 kt gold variation). Based on two distinct inflation calculators, that's over $1,200 in today's cash which means it … [Read More...]

seiko slq017

There were simply 1,500 made worldwide, and simply 400 of them located their means to the Towards. It's a pity because I believe that is an utterly wonderful appearing timepiece, and I've usually had a delicate spot for Seiko since I labored for them at their planet headquarters in Japan for the greater portion of a twelvemonth. This was some time past, yet, and sadly, all I left with was a cheap stainless steel Chronograph (that we still actually enjoy), and a couple of these fantastic Alba Spoons which … [Read More...]

tag heuer microtimer

In 1966, Heuer (before it was TAG Heuer) patented the first miniaturized digital timekeeping instrument precise to 1/1000th of a 2nd. Now, 38 years afterwards, TAG Heuer releases the primary wristwatch capable of an identical amount of precision: the Microtimer. Options that come with the Microtimer F1 racing timer. Measurements accurate to 1/1000th of a 2nd. Time each lap singly, and rapidly regain the quickest lap in Greatest Lap way. (Optimum lap time of 5 9 minutes, 59 seconds, and 999 … [Read More...]