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Review of the Casio GW-300 G-Shock Tough Solar Waveceptor

The Casio GW-300 is strong, useful watch for people that tend to be more fascinated in toughness and ruggedness than sophistication. It’s maybe not the final watch you’ll actually purchase, or the sole watch you’ll actually want, but if you’re buying rough, inexpensive digital view, the GW300 is a great candidate.

casio gw 300 g shock

Top features of the GW-300 g shock contain:

  • Solar driven (“Rough Solar,” as Casio calls it). The GW300 has a rechargeable battery and two unobtrusive solar cells in the most notable and underside of the facial skin that are employed to replenish the battery. That signifies unless you’re a hermit and are now living in a cave, you’re view won’t ever be without electricity.
  • Atomic time keeping (“Waveceptor,” as Casio calls it). The GW 300 is furnished with an inside antenna which receives time calibration signals broadcasted by an atomic clock on Fort Collins, Colorado. That indicates assuming you reside within an region where the air signal is detectable (most of The United States), you won’t need to set your view, and it’ll constantly be exceedingly precise.
  • World time. Readily assess the time in 30 various cities throughout the globe (29 time-zones).
  • Time recorder. Shop around 30 distinct “pictures” of the time including month, day, hour, minutes, seconds and also the day-light savings mode by pressing a button. Fascinatinging characteristic. Use it to document the precise time an occasion happens. Looks useful for individuals like firemen, cops, etc.
  • Five Alarms. Four typical day-to-day alarms, plus one “snooze” alarm which will keep going off every five minutes till you truly go into alarm mode and disable it (in contrast to only pressing a button and turning it off). I genuinely enjoy this characteristic. I’ve employed it keep reminding me it’s time to retire for the night.
  • Hourly time sign.
  • Stopwatch. Show range of 2 3 hours, 59 minutes, and 59.99 seconds. Measures elapsed-time, split times, and two complete times.
  • Electro-luminescent back-light. Pleasant and brilliant, greenish blue-ish in colour.
  • Vehicle light. Should you regularly must realize enough time in the dark, but may not have equally hands free (possibly you tote around your infant for hrs in the dark looking to get her to drift off), turn-on the car light characteristic, and all you need to do is tip the view toward you more than 40 levels, along with the back-light will immediately illuminate. Occasionally requires a few attempts, however, it generally works quite well.
  • Power conserving setting. The view will enter one of two power-saving modes when left at night for specific intervals, when electricity economy is empowered. Between 60 and 70 minutes of being at night, the view goes right into a “light slumber” (all features except the show are still-operational), and following six or 7 days, a slumber (in supplement to the screen, the beeper tone, back-light, and time calibration perform will also be disabled).
  • Jolt immune. It’s a-g-Shock, in the end.
  • Water resistant to 20 bar. That’s 20 ATM, 200 meters, or 660 feet. Put simply, deep.
  • Atomic time signal strength gauge.
  • Battery life index.

I don’t need to get involved with the details of billing times in this critique (they are documented quite extensively in the manuel), however I’ll say that the solar-driven characteristic operates very nicely, and as I mentioned previously, unless you reside in a cave, it’s maybe not at all something you’ll have to concern yourself with. Put simply, sporting the GW300 does not mean having to start out scheduling day-to-day watch sunnings so that it working. I have discovered that it keeps enough charged only with day to day (or even occasional) use, so long as the energy saving function is empowered.

The atomic time keeping attribute also functions reasonably nicely, though occasionally it could be tough for the view to get a powerful enough sign for a lengthy enough time period that it might calibrate itself. It will make an effort to calibrate four occasions a day (2 a.m., 3 a.m., 4 a.m, and 5 a.m.) since it supposes that you will be sleeping and motionless during 1 of those amongthe Truly, the guide urges taking the watch away before you-go bed and leaving it in a spot where it can readily pick up radio stations signal, yet I have discovered that when I am up-stairs in my home, the view will calibrate whilst on my wrist just about each night. The view will effectively calibrate possibly 50per cent of the time, if I rest downstairs in the cellar. I’ve examined this (and several related watches) in various areas of the nation, and I’ve discovered that the immediate region you are in is far more significant than where you’re in the united states. For instance, in large cities, I’ve discovered that it’s tougher for the view to get a sign than in more rural and sub-urban areas, presumably due to the tall structures. I’ve also discovered that I improve sign at nighttime (possible start calibration manually to examine this). The main point is that the view must manage to pick up a sign any place in North America, although based on your precise place, your milage might change.

The resin version with this watch is easy to get in both navy-blue (GW300A2V) and black (GW300A1V). In Asia, it’s accessible several colours, therefore, should you shop around enough, you may be able uncover fine yellowish or green one (though be confident it will work with all the frequency the atomic clock in Fort Collins airs rather than the atomic clock in Japan). Casio offers an incredibly similar metal version (MTG900DA8VTo Get added small for a heft You must manage to pick among these up just about anyplace Casio watches are offered for between $60 and $99.

What I enjoy about the GW300:

Solar driven. No need to be worried about altering the battery, despite lengthy storage.
Atomic time keeping. I’m really into preciseness, and totally great preciseness is everything you get with day-to-day atomic calibration.
Pleasant large amounts and large face. The time isn’t difficult to study, even in a glimpse or while working.
Shock and water-resistant. Regardless of what you’re performing, you don’t have to concern yourself with taking a-g-Shock off your wrist. The encounter does a superb job of maintaining the plastic lead crystal scrape-free.
Cost and accessibility. This view is quite affordable, and quite easy discover. The majority of Casio’s watches have become affordable, although not usually simple to get your fingers on in this state.
Snooze alarm. An unique characteristic, but pleasant and astonishingly useful.

What I don’t enjoy about the GW300:

Button resistance. The buttons are purposefully recessed and hard to shove to maintain the view from accidentally being ran during task, but I presume Casio has gone somewhat overboard. I locate the buttons overly hard to shove, and perhaps even uncomfortable if I must do a whole lot of button pushing simultaneously.
No count-down timer. The time recorder is an appealing feature, but I am only able to think of a few uses for it while I can believe of 100s of uses to get a count-down timer. Besides time, day, and alarm, I presume countdown timers are the best characteristics on common, regular watches, even more helpful when compared to a stopwatch (unless you’re an athlete or monitor trainer). I don’t have any thought, why the count-down timer was changed using the time recorder. What’s promising is that newer, greater-ending (significance more pricey) atomic solar GShocks are just starting to appear with adequate, repeating count-down timers (view for upcoming reviews), but the GW300 didn’t make the cut.

The GW300 is a strong, inexpensive, and obtainable supplement to the g shock family. It’s perhaps not particularly fashionable or tasteful, yet for the amount of attributes it packages, and at a rather fair cost, it’s definitely somthing to contemplate for people who have active lifestyles.