suunto n3i

Suunto Slims Down the n3 – Introduces the n3i

It appears like Suunto has shifted their emphasis somewhat with the new n3i. The n3i is a modest redesign of the n3, and my experience is that they have shifted their product market somewhat toward the enterprise user. Both primary differences between the n3i and the n3 are the colour and dimensions of the view. Both are apparently more old-fashioned in the newer version. It is also silver and grey with stainless steel buttons, offering it a lower-important, older look. Here’s an extensive breakdown of the modifications:

suunto slims down the n3i

  • 3mm thinner. Shaving some height off this considerable timepiece causes it to be somewhat more compatible with office attire. (Notice that the surface of the n3i is nevertheless an identical circumference as that of the n-3.)
  • Silver and grey as compared to the outdated (and more noticeable) gold and black.
  • Interchangeable leather strap.
  • Stainless steel buttons replace the aged plastic types.
  • Summation of a logbook perform inside the time station. The logbook enables you to readily review schisms and lap times recorded using the stopwatch.
  • Improved audibility. The n3i is louder as opposed to n3. That will seem inconsistent having its change toward the more conservative, though the faintness of the n3’s alarm proved to be regular complaint.

It’s good to see Suunto nonetheless investing in MSN Direct technology, also to understand the technology evolving in a confident course. I just expect Suunto is nevertheless planning on starting the rumored n6 this twelvemonth (MSN Direct technology coupled using an altimeter, barometer, heart rate monitor, and possibly a thermometer — more as the story unfolds).