tissot navigator 3000

Tissot Announces New Tactile Watch: The Navigator 3000

Swiss watchmaker Tissot lately declared a different person in their Tactile line: the Navigator 3000. It has appeared as a blurry image close to a “coming soon” teaser on their website for quite a while, but now the image is eventually clear, plus some specs and images were released.

Before I get in the facts of the Navigator, I’d like to mention a couple things about Tissot Tactile watches in general. To begin with, I happen to be wearing a TTouch on on my wrist right now (thorough review upcoming), and I like it. The line of watches permits you to truly browse by harnessing the sapphire crystal in various places instead of pressing a mode button again and again. They may be technically remarkable, classy watches, and that I believe the Navigator 3000 is a terrific improvement.

the navigator 3000

Top features of the Navigator 3000 contain:

  • Tactile crystal to browse through multiple time zones and five styles.
  • World time (150 states or cities).
  • Countdown timer.
  • Stopwatch.
  • Multiple date formats.
  • Two programmable alarms and five alarm tunes.
  • Backlight to illuminate the LCD.

The target market because of this watch is clearly the traveling business executive, but I’d claim it carries a little something for all. Stay tuned to get an in-depth review just as I could get my hands on one.

Tissot’s website might be better to browse, so I’ve taken the liberty of supplying some links here:

  • The Navigator Merchandise Page.
  • Swift Specs.
  • All four of the Navigator 3000 options.
  • Complete line of Tactile watches.